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Formed in 1996 as an outgrowth of Englewood Christian Church, Englewood Community Development Corporation strives to nurture and embody “love of neighbor” in the areas of affordable housing, economic development and comprehensive community development on the Near Eastside of Indianapolis.

Englewood Community Development Corporation
nurtures “love of neighbor” as:

  • A tangible expression of Englewood Christian Church and a way for working members to move toward deep and healthy community.
  • A resource and collaborative partner for neighbors of our Englewood Neighborhood and Near Eastside community.
  • An inspiration and demonstration for churches and church communities seeking a more faithful response to “love of neighbor” in their own communities.

Initially, ECDC helped facilitate the redevelopment of vacant homes and relocation of households into the Englewood Neighborhood. Currently, the organization maintains a focus on strengthening our neighborhood by providing quality and affordable home ownership and rental opportunities for a wide array of valued neighbors, including special needs, ex-offender, and shelter population.


Saturday June 23, 2012
5 Mile Run /
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The Commonwealth Apartments
In the Historic IPS #3 Building

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