Inhabiting the Church:
New Monasticism and God's Revolution

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A conversation on church and culture; an exploration of what it means to be faithful communities of God's people in the twenty-first century.

Maybe you wish that the church was more than a one hour experience on Sunday. Maybe you long for a gospel that is transformative. Maybe you've read Shane Claiborne's The Irresistible Revolution. Maybe you've attended one of the schools for conversion retreats. Whatever your story, we invite you to come explore the biblical and historical roots of the new monasticism with us, to share stories of God's work in the midst of your church community, to allow the Spirit to energize and shape our dreams of the new creation that is budding in our midst.

  When: Friday June 1 and Saturday June 2, 2007

  Where: Englewood Christian Church / Indianapolis

  Cost: (includes food and housing -- if needed)
        $100 (Standard rate)
        $ 75 (Student rate)

        NEW! A group rate for churches / communities is also available...

The Rule of St. Benedict provided wise guidance for communities of Christ’s disciples that contributed to the preservation and propagation of the gospel in previous perilous times. Today in North America and the larger sphere of Western European culture, faithfulness to the gospel is in danger. As our culture’s project desperately works to maintain control despite its looming death, the “living arrangement” worked out by the church and the culture is collapsing. Many parts of the church are sinking with the culture and doing so without any resistance. The call for a [new monasticism] is the work of God’s Spirit calling us to renewed understanding of the gospel and faithful witness to it through new forms of monastic community. ... May God grant us an understanding of our situation, direction toward eschaton, and grace for our journey.
   -- Jonathan R. Wilson, from the Intro to Schools for Conversion: 12 Marks of a New Monasticism

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