John Howard Yoder and
The Stone-Campbell Churches

John Howard Yoder
And the Stone-Campbell Churches

A conversation on the engagement of Yoder's theology by the churches of the Stone-Campbell tradition

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    Friday March 13

  1. Introduction - John Nugent

  2. Mark Nation:
    "The Politics of Yoder Regarding The Politics of Jesus: Recovering the Implicit in Yoder's Holistic Theology for Pacifism"

  3. Gayle Gerber Koontz:
    “Unity with Integrity: John H. Yoder's Ecumenical Theology and Practice”

  4. Summary of Small Groups

  5. Craig Carter: ***
    “The Liberal Reading of Yoder: The Problem of Yoder Reception and the Need for a Comprehensive Christian Witness.”

    Saturday March 14

  6. Todd Edmondson:
    “Cinematic Yoder: The Phenomenology of the Moral Life and Contemporary Film”

  7. Joe Jones:
    “Yoder and the Stone-Campbell Movement: Sorting the Grammar of Radical Orthodoxy and Radical Discipleship”

  8. John Nugent:
    “Kingdom Work: Yoder and the Possibility of a Free Church Theology of Vocation”

  9. Branson Parler:
    “Spinning the Liturgical Turn: Why Yoder is not an Ethicist”

  10. Panel of guest speakers

*** - Many thanks to Stephen Lawson, who provided this audio file after our computer crashed during the Q/A session following Craig's talk.